Two people joined myOutgrow Codependency’ course before I even officially launched it. Those are my kind of people.


Willing to do what it takes to end their struggles with something that stops them from having a healthy relationship with themselves and with others.

I truly admire this.

It’s so easy to sit around and wallow without ever taking action but the change we seek always lies in taking action, in making something happen.


Healing from codependency means choosing yourself.

It means starting to say yes to yourself and allowing in the support you need. 

This is about valuing yourself and giving yourself a chance at something new.

The reason I am so excited about ‘Outgrow Codependency’ is that I know that the action-takers who are willing to do what it takes to end their struggles with codependency will do so based on what I am sharing in the course.

It’s a no-brainer. A foregone conclusion.

Because if you say yes to an opportunity to end your suffering and greatly improve your life, you will say yes to applying the practices I am sharing especially because they make sense.

See, I was a difficult client.


I always wanted to know why. 

I had huge trust issues and so didn’t just take anyone’s word for it. 

Why should I be more mindful? How exactly will that help me? How does it make sense?

Why should I think this and not that? How can I trust what you’re saying?

And so, I needed to make sense of it for myself, which is why I wanted to find out how to be healthy and happy in my relationships and my life.


If codependency would never get me what I wanted, then what would?

(What I wanted was a wonderful relationship.)

And why did I have these problems anyway?

  • Why did I struggle to set boundaries?
  • Why did I let my partners mistreat me and stay?
  • Why couldn’t I ask for what I wanted?
  • Why didn’t I know how I was feeling?
  • Why did I have trust issues and lots of insecurities?
  • Why was I terrified of being alone?
  • Why did I feel so anxious and depressed?
  • Why couldn’t I make even simple decisions?
  • Why did I need to make everything so perfect?
  • Why did I have a life that looked good on the outside but felt so horrific on the inside?

So many questions and no one ever managed to answer them for me. So I figured it out for myself.


And now I’m sharing it with you!!! 

I am so incredibly excited about this because what I am sharing with you will help you make sense of your struggles and once you understand it, it will be easy to apply what I am teaching you to do instead.

And that’s what we want, right? Instructions on what else to do! Instructions that make sense, that are practical and that will make a difference in our daily lives.

Nothing vague or fluffy but something logical, compassionate and empowering.

Because that’s the next thing:


Traditional codependency literature can be tremendously shaming and judgmental. 

That can only be the case if you don’t understand that one of the three pillars of codependency is toxic shame. So if you add more shame, what will you get? More codependency. Yes.

Just so wrong.

The second you truly understand what codependency is about (cue: a misunderstanding on how to feel safe, valuable and connected in life and how to get our needs met) and why we struggle with what we’re struggling with, you will have more compassion for yourself. It’s unavoidable. And it’s not your fault.

But it is your responsibility (and privilege!) to end your painful struggles with codependency once and for all.


I love that I broke the family curse!

I didn’t want to pass it onto my children and I know that I have minimised the negative impact on them. I am also better equipped now to be the healthy role model my children need.

By learning how to reparent myself, I became a better parent for my children and a better therapist for my clients. And this is just one of 5 amazing practices I share with you in Outgrow Codependency so you can look forward and truly outgrow codependency by becoming your secure self.

And your secure self is the part of you that likes, values and respects itself, that expresses itself honestly and authentically, that sets boundaries and choose good people to be with you. 

Your secure self makes good choices for you because it knows that you matter.

And you do.


You do matter – way more than you currently realise.

In Outgrow Codependency, I show you a simple way to reconnect with your self-worth so you can start to feel better about yourself. Even affirmations will feel less like ‘lies’ because you will begin to see that everything you previously thought or fear about yourself is simply part of old, codependent conditioning that was never based in the truth.

It’s a different approach.

It’s powerful, transformative and impactful.

But it’s also understanding, gentle and compassionate. 


We don’t need any more harshness – we’ve had enough of that!

But we do need an explanation and instructions for moving on, for what’s next and that’s what ‘Outgrow Codependency’ is all about.

I invite you to join me and benefit from my 8 year-long professional and personal research into codependency, attachment, relationships and human development.

I needed it all to make sense and now that’s what I hope to be sharing with you: clarity so you can move on and grow into your secure self.

I look forward to you joining me and other like-minded action-takers who are unwilling to give up on themselves or their dream of having an amazing relationship.

Because feeling good about yourself and being in a loving relationship is possible for you too! And you deep down you know it. Now you can get the instructions on how to make that happen.

Join Outgrow Codependency today – I’d love to support your transformation.

With Love