I am often asked why I became a psychotherapist and I thought I’d take this opportunity to share my reason why with you and how that changed as I healed, changed and grew. 

Becoming a psychotherapist had always been my biggest dream so I was mega-excited when I was accepted onto a masters course when I turned 30.

My motivation came from wanting to be there for others who were struggling in their lives.

I didn’t want anyone to feel as alone as I did.

That might sound honourable but I can see now that I was stuck in a disempowered mindset and that my motivation came from a place of disempowerment.

At that time in my life, I perceived things as happening to me.

Tragedy after tragedy. Struggle after struggle. It was all just happening to me and the best I could hope for was to get through it in one piece.

And so, I thought that others were recipients of ‘fate’ too and that they would need to know that they are not alone in this.

My reason why changed as I began to outgrow my disempowered mindset.

I started to see my part in things.

I became aware of how my actions and inactions led to outcomes I would struggle with.

And soon I started to see those patterns in my clients too.

Instead of simply being there for them in their pain (which I don’t devalue at all), I started to help them understand their pain and learn how to respond to it in healthy, life-enhancing ways.

Life was no longer something we’d just have to get through and endure. It became something we proactively shaped and created. It became an expression of ourselves. It also became fun.

Today, my reason why for doing the work that I do – though it can no longer be classed as and contained to the area of psychotherapy alone – is absolute confidence that the clients who choose to work with me will transform their lives in ways they never thought possible.

My biggest motivation comes from witnessing my clients make incredible changes and improvements in their lives.

It’s a privilege to witness. It’s exciting to be a part of.

And it brings me great joy too.

Because not only did I transform my own life – I also get to teach others do exactly the same.

It’s possible. It’s always possible.

It’s also possible for you.

With Love

Marlena xx