Marlena Tillhon

Helping You Get the Love You Need

Marlena is an experienced psychotherapist, relationship coach, and codependency expert. She has a unique, forward-thinking and highly effective way of working with people who want to solve their problems once and for all while learning to feel better about themselves and improve their relationships.

She has developed her own progressive approach to integrative psychotherapy, which she also teaches to other therapists. 

She is a great believer in self-empowerment and so focuses on helping her clients find their own power and strength within. This allows them to become comfortable with their feelings, desires and needs and feel happier within themselves. 

Marlena sees change happen through action which is the result of having a new understanding of yourself and your experience of life. There is a simple logic behind how Marlena works that is equally relevant to our modern-day struggles and our timeless struggles as human beings.    

It makes sense. It’s compassionate. It’s effective.  

It simply works!

Break Up with Codependency

Marlena is a codependency expert and has dedicated her Master’s dissertation to researching how integrative psychotherapy works with people struggling with codependency.

She has developed the Clinical Codependency Assessment and a new coaching program based on her own cutting-edge integration of psychotherapy.

Marlena also runs the popular and progressive Codependency Today group on Facebook, which focuses on a non-traditional approach of self-empowerment to overcome codependent habits and patterns.  

Improve Your Relationship

When Marlena first learnt about codependency, she felt as overwhelmed and hopeless as most of her clients. But she didn’t stop there. Instead, she began to look for the solution.

If codependency is not the way to have the relationship of your dreams, then what is?

This attitude led her to extensively research healthy and secure relationships. Since then she has helped countless couples improve their relationships in simple yet highly effective ways and prepare single people for a new experience of romantic relationships. 

Resolve Your

Past Traumas

Marlena specialises in working with people who have experienced trauma or childhood abuse that has resulted in attachment issues, PTSD or CPTSD.  

She does not believe that our past has to define or limit us and her highly optimistic and engaging attitude helps people break free from the shackles of the past.

Marlena has a compassionate yet effective way of working with CPTSD clients and those struggling with anxious or avoidant attachment styles. As a result, her clients feel more secure in love and life and able to connect better with others. 

Discover Your Self-Worth

Marlena specialises in working with people who feel they are lacking self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth due to past trauma or childhood abuse that has resulted in attachment issues, PTSD or CPTSD.  

The way Marlena works allows her clients to reconnect with their own self-worth and innate wellbeing leading to incredible transformations and a new experience of life. 

This leaves her clients feeling much better about themselves, open for emotional connection and healthier relationships.

Marlena’s Current Projects

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