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How You Can Outgrow Codependency

Two people joined my ‘Outgrow Codependency’ course before I even officially launched it. Those are my kind of people. Action-takers. Willing to do what it takes to end their struggles with something that stops them from having a healthy relationship with themselves...

Discover Some Uncomfortable Truths About Rescuing

Rescuing describes the process of appearing to help someone while actually crossing and disrespecting their boundaries and taking over their adult responsibilities. Sometimes we meet people who we view as slightly incompetent, vulnerable or in some kind of need for...

How Codependency Wrecks All Areas of Your Life

Codependency affects all areas of life. Find out how it can negatively impacts yours and what you can do to end it and finally free yourself from the distress and destruction it causes. Because it definitely isn’t something you just have to tolerate and live with …

The Ingredients of Loving Relationships

Most of us want to have the experience of being in a loving relationship. We have ideas and fantasies that lead to expectations … often unrealistic ones that end in disappointment. These days romantic relationships get a bad reputation for being difficult or even...

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Improve Your Relationship


Here are 5 simple love hacks that will improve your relationship if you make them your daily love routine.


1. Take care of your mind.

2. Maintain healthy boundaries.

3. Be present.

4. Be open for connection.

5. Respond positively to bids of connection.