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Love Block: Our Romanticised Version of Love

Most of us grow up believing that one day a handsome prince or competent princess will come our way and lead us into a life of Happily Ever After. No one knows what’s going to happen then but we’re certain it will be magical. We spend our childhoods desperate to grow...

How to Destroy Your Sex Life: Are You Sexually Punitive?

Couples often attend therapy because of sex problems: one wants it (more) and the other one doesn’t. On the surface, this may look like a stereotypical problem that the media often addresses in comical ways. However, anyone who has ever been in this situation knows...

Is Brutal Honesty Required to End Codependency?

Many people who are breaking free from codependency stay firmly out of denial and committed to their new way of living by being brutally honest with themselves. Their level of self-awareness is often astonishing. They are challenging old beliefs and questioning...

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Improve Your Relationship


Here are 5 simple love hacks that will improve your relationship if you make them your daily love routine.


1. Take care of your mind.

2. Maintain healthy boundaries.

3. Be present.

4. Be open for connection.

5. Respond positively to bids of connection.