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Move from feeling insecure and out of control in your relationship to regaining a sense of calm, confidence and composure so that you can finally get the love you need

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Feel Safe and Loved in Your Relationship

End insecure relationship patterns that keep you stuck in distressing relationship experiences without having to leave your current relationship unless you choose to do so


Make Better Choices That Get You What You Want

Learn how to spot and choose people that genuinely care about you and want to have an amazing relationship with you so that you can finally experience the deep intimacy you’ve always longed for


Be the Confident and Happy Person You Know You Can Be

Have a nurturing connection in your life that helps you feel good about yourself, understand your struggles, feelings, wants and needs so you can finally solve your problems once and for all



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You’re Ready to CONNECT to a New Way of Loving and Living!

I'm Ready for a Healthy Relationship!

You’re sick of wasting time being unhappy and feeling insecure, anxious or jealous when you should be enjoying your relationship …

It’s time for you to develop a calm mind, emotional self-control and inner strength that grounds you so you can safely enjoy a ride with the butterflies in your stomach.


I'm Ready to Feel Loved & Confident!

You cannot bear another day of feeling unwanted, unloved, empty, disconnected and alone …

You’re sooo ready to grow and nurture the version of you that feels safe, free, connected, wanted, loved and secure.

I'm Ready to Be Supported!

You are done with doing it all by yourself, going it alone and living without any support in your life …

You’re finally ready to thrive in life and that means saying YES to being supported by safe and caring people.

I'm Ready to Choose Loving Partners!

You are so very done with all the bad relationships in your life that drain you and only leave you feeling worse about yourself …

You’re ready to learn how to let in the good ones that want to see you, understand you and love you how you need to be loved.

I'm Ready to Be Free from the Past!

You no longer want your past traumas affect your life negatively and wreck your current relationships …

Instead you want to resolve and liberate yourself from them so you can finally live freely without fear and inhibition!

I'm Ready to Take Action!

You are done sitting around passively and wasting precious time while nothing good happens and nothing changes …

It’s time for you to take action and create the life you actually want to live.

Because You CAN Get the Love You Need! And I’m Living Proof of It …


What Paul Says About Working With Me

I literally spent most of my adult life trying to figure out what went wrong – why, as a relatively smart and competent guy, was my life constantly falling apart? Why was I always losing the things which meant the most to me?

The short answer – was relationships. How I understood, operated in, experienced, and managed all of my relationships (intimate, work, friends, family, kids) – was the cause of *all* of my problems. Of course – the most important relationship is the one with myself.

Marlena was the first person I have met (and I have worked with and learned from many many people) – who has successfully worked through the same issues that I was dealing with, had figured it out, and learned how to ‘teach’ the information in a way that is spot on for me. But most importantly, Marlena has acquired the experience and skills to work with people very effectively. 

I discovered a whole new world – a world where my old thinking and choices and actions made complete sense. Where I learned where my behaviours came from, what caused them.


Most importantly, I found a person I could trust. I trusted Marlena’s information – about what is ok and what is not. About what is functional and what is not. What ought to be acceptable and what not. Where the problems really came from, as opposed to where they looked like they came from. I realised I didn’t know those things!

It was like an epiphany. Everything started falling into place. And things changed quickly for me.

But the most important part for me – is that is was the help I was looking for. I simply can’t recommend it enough. It has been a life-changer for me – perhaps even a life-saver. Come and join me on this journey – back to life, love, and happiness. The journey home, to your true self.

With love, Paul ❤️👍 x

(Find Paul’s review on the Love with Clarity Facebook page in the review section.)

So Let Me Tell You a Bit About My Journey …

My dream relationships always turned out to be relationship nightmares.

Even though I had always craved deep connections, intimacy and love, I kept finding myself in relationships with emotionally unavailable and unsafe people.

They never wanted me as much as I wanted them which left me feeling insecure and anxious. They were also very critical of me, lied to me or created disconnection by causing arguments. And still, I’d fight really hard to save and fix the relationship at great cost to myself. I completely lost myself trying to make it work or earn their love.

My life became about them while I became invisible.

I felt desperate, out of control and broken. Why did I keep finding myself in this situation? Just what was wrong with me?!

But I didn’t leave my failing relationships.

I stayed, numbed, inhibited and disconnected. I was too afraid of being alone. I felt lost and had no idea what to do with my life and so I tolerated neglect and abuse.

Until I realised that my struggles were caused by codependency and that I would pass it on to my children if I didn’t address and solve it. I wasn’t willing to damage my children …

I faced my problems and tackled them with a strenghth I didn’t know I had.

Drawing on different sources of support, I worked through my unresolved trauma and began to realise that my problems had been caused by my codependent conditioning, which had always stood in the way of me getting the love I needed and craved.

If the problem was within me then so was the solution.

I learned to focus on myself, get to know myself and begin to value myself. This helped me make better choices and express myself with newly-found confidence and authenticity.

Figuring out my way of recovering from codependency and earning secure attachment helped me design the Secure Self System which I now teach to all my clients.

My life improved in ways I never thought possible!

  • I feel connected, secure and confident after years of feeling empty, depressed and desperate.
  • I take care of myself with ease and joy after a lifetime of hating and neglecting myself.
  • I feel fully connected to myself and my feelings and meet my needs in healthy ways.
  • I express myself freely and set boundaries with confidence and ease.
  • I am a great role model for my children because I’ve finally co-created a healthy and loving relationship filled with support, fun and intimacy.

With Love, Marlena

Healing Requires Connection

& Taking Action

We cannot expect to have fun, loving and healthy relationships when we are disconnected from ourselves, deny our wants and needs, invalidate our feelings, neglect ourselves, prioritise others & allow them to abuse us.

It was vital for me to learn how to connect with myself and that meant that I had to get to know myself and understand myself in completely new ways.

And it was that that led me to finally feeling safe, loved and happy in my life and relationships.

What You Get from Your CONNECT Experience


1 Clinical Assessment session to identify your starting point so we can address the most pressing issues in the most effective and empowering ways resulting in the most powerful transformation



20 confidential sessions with Marlena lasting 50 minutes each over the duration of the 6 months identifying and addessing your core issues, unhealthy patterns and codependent conditioning


Email Support between sessions to help you make sense of your progress, get feedback on your transformational activities and ask any questions you may have


10 Transformational Activities that help you reconnect with yourself and your feelings, desires and needs while also learning healthy relationship and self-care skills


The ‘Codependency, a New Understanding’ Course so you can identify your codependent conditioning more easily, directly target it and break free from it with ease, conviction and compassion

Stop Hoping that Things Will Simply Change – Let’s Take Action and Make them Happen Instead!


How the CONNECT Experience Changes My Clients’ Lives

There's Trust and True Intimacy in My Relationship

I am happy and settled in my relationship. We have fun and both feel safe and loved. The drama has gone and so have the trust issues – I never thought I’d see the day!


I'm Feeling Emotionally Satisfied and Fulfilled

I know how I feel, what I want and what I need and no longer feel ashamed or guilty for it. Best of all, I have learned to ask for what I want and guess what? … I usually get it!!!


I Have Freedom from Self-Scrutiny and Self-Doubt

Giving myself permission to do things my way has helped me embrace my authentic self and liberated me from my inner critic – ultimate freedom, ultimate fun, ultimate bliss!


I'm Surrounded by Caring and Loving People

I now have kind, supportive and genuinely caring people in my life who want me and choose me for who I am and not for what I can do for them.


I'm Finally Who I Always Wanted to Be

My biggest fear has always been that I’d damage my children. Now I can confidently say that I’m a healthy role model for my healthy, happy, secure children who thrive in our family.


I Finally Have Fun, Adventure and Success in My Life

No longer burdened by unresolved trauma, love blocks and fear-based conditioning, I engage in life, say yes to cool opportunities, have incredible experiences and enjoy success.


All of this is possible for you too!!!

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& Get 2 FREE follow-up sessions when you PAY IN FULL 

What Past Clients Have to Say

“I went through my whole life by myself even though I have always been in relationships. I chose very badly for myself but no matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to end up with yet another horrible man.

Even though I always knew that I should leave I felt that I just couldn’t – I felt too lost and empty. I really didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then I found Marlena through her articles. They spoke to me. Until then, I’d always feared it was just me and that I was crazy. I couldn’t believe I could be helped but she totally did it. Clearly a miracle worker 😉

I decided to leave my abusive relationship after 5 years of struggling and suffering and actually wanted to spend time by myself. I had never wanted that before! And it was magic!

Then I met a new guy and I didn’t have all the crazy stuff going on that happened every time I started a new relationship. I actually got to enjoy the honeymoon phase for once – I’m just so happy and grateful to Marlena. Working with her was a total game changer!

Leah, UK

“I’d been struggling with depression all my life. I always felt like there was no life left in me. Finding myself in one abusive relationship after another didn’t help.

I felt I was going mad on the inside while trying to look perfect on the outside. I was so tired and so exhausted from just going through the motions and doing everything by myself.

I couldn’t go on like this and gave myself one last chance. I decided to work with Marlena even though I was worried about spending the money and committing my time BUT it was the BEST decision I ever made because my life has changed in such amazing ways!

No more deadbeat partners, no more hating on myself, no more boredom or feeling empty. I didn’t think it was possible but there you go … so glad I was wrong!

I even enjoy self-care these days when that is something I never felt I had time for or even wanted to do. I recommend working with Marlena to everyone. It is a truly transformational experience!”

Jamie, US

Working with Marlena Is PERFECT FOR YOU If …

You’ve tried many different ways of getting help to resolve your issues but none of them really worked or resulted in lasting change and you’ve lost confidence and hope.


You are ready to learn new ways of treating yourself, responding to yourself and investing in yourself. This is about learning to value yourself so that others will value you too. It has to start with you.

You are ambitious and willing to put in the work and do what it takes. Feeling uncomfortable every now and then is not going to stop you and you are determined to end your misery and give yourself a fresh start in love and life.

You can look at yourself, take personal responsibility and face some truths that may feel uncomfortable at first but will ultimately set you free.

You are not interested in plastering over the cracks. You want to address the core issues and root causes so you can be done with it once and for all.

You want to work with an expert who has personal experience and so truly understands the distress you’re experiencing without judging you or invalidating your feelings.

Professional expertise and competence is important to you and you want someone to support you who knows exactly how to end your suffering and teaches you what you need to know and do to get what you want. 

If you are willing and open to get really honest with yourself and do what it takes to improve your experience of life, then you will be successful in your relationships and in life – I’ll make sure of that.

But you have to say YES first. Give yourself what you need.

Are You Ready for the BEST Investment You’ll Ever Make?

$5500 in full for 6 months or 6 monthly payments of $1085


NOTE: I ONLY accepts clients who are ready to do the work necessary to make substantial improvements in their lives.


Once you book your Connect experience, I will be in touch to book your assessment session and to schedule regular sessions.


This is an investment in yourself:

  • your emotional wellbeing
  • your mental health
  • your relationships
  • your life satisfation
  • your family
  • your (future) children
  • your future
  • your dreams.

It’s time to end the misery and make a fresh start – and this time with professional and healing support, compassionate and empowering guidance and practical solutions that actually work.