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Can You Relate to This?

Do you want to end your codependency and finally have a loving, healthy and amazing relationship?

Has having a loving relationship always been the one thing you wanted more than anything else?

Have you tried really hard to make it work but you just can’t figure out what’s going wrong?

Have you tried different partners but always ended up with the same results – conflict, unhappiness, loneliness and relationship breakdown?

Did you find out about codependency and anxious or avoidant attachment styles and now don’t know how to break free from it?

Does it all feel quite overwhelming and you could do with some guidance, focus and support in ending your struggles and learning how to create the relationship you’ve always wanted?


Let me tell you a little bit about EMPOWER, my Codependency Recovery Program  …

So if you are struggling in your relationships due to codependency, insecure attachment or unresolved trauma, know this: you are not alone. 

I have been where you are and so are millions of others. We all wanted to have the fairy tale romance and happy relationship but ended up bitterly disappointed when we realised that life just doesn’t work that way. At least not our life …

Maybe then you also found out about codependency and insecure attachment styles and felt utterly distraught“Does this now mean that I will never be able to get what I want? Is the relationship I have wanted all my life completely out of reach for me now?”

With too much conflicting and complicated information it can all quickly become overwhelming and appear like a challenge you simply won’t be able to overcome. 

You may have read book after book, seen all kinds of different therapists or coaches or attended expensive intensive workshops to find your way out of this but ultimately you find yourself back to feeling how you’ve always felt – alone.

This ends here. Be done with this! Be unwilling to waste any more time of your precious life.

I have created the Codependency Recovery Program especially for you because I want you to get the love you need, no matter what happened in your life so far. 


Are you finally ready to say goodbye to

Feeling lonely in your relationship?
Repeating the same mistakes?
Doing it alone without support?
Never getting what you want?
Losing yourself in relationships?
Feeling confused about how you feel?
Wasting more precious time?
Always going without the love you need?

Nothing will change if you don’t take the first empowering step. The Codependency Recovery Program has paved the path to freedom for you.


Joining EMPOWER, the Codependency Recovery Program, not only means that you will have everything you need to resolve your codependency and develop a more secure attachment style, you will also benefit in the following ways:

Learn everything you need to know about codependency

Get comfortable with feeling your feelings

Learn and express what you want and what you don't want

Begin to like yourself and engage in great self-care

Develop healthy and self-respecting boundaries

Improve all of your relationships

Finally feel safe, loved and happy

Exclusive Offer

Gain Access to an Exclusive Membership Area

There’s no need to waste any more time or continue to feel confused, overwhelmed and alone. Join the Codependency Recovery Program today and commit to ending your codependency!

You’ll receive exclusive resources especially designed to resolve your issues once and for all.

What’s In It For You?

Peace of Mind

Learn how to focus your mind and make choices for you to finally feel safe, secure, happy and content in your life.

Authentic Self-Expression

Feel ok with how you feel, what you want and don’t want and express it with honesty and confidence.

Real Self-Confidence

Learn how to have a healthy relationship with yourself so you feel more confident and doubt yourself less.

Healthy Boundaries

create healthy relationships by valuing yourself, expressing yourself, and setting healthy boundaries 

Emotional Availability

Become emotionally available and seek out those willing to connect with you in healthy, loving and respectful ways.


Sure, everything you have tried was useful and informative in its own right. I hope it was also motivating and enjoyable.

But how long do you stick with it? How do you fit it all into your daily routine? How long do you even remember what you read or heard before it’s forgotten and you’ve moved on to the next thing that is meant to fix it all?  

It simply doesn’t work how you need it to work. 

It doesn’t work because it can’t work like this. There is no coherence, no unifying logic, no consistency. 

Just like children need a secure base that provides stability, consistency and real caring so they can feel free to explore, play, grow and be joyful in life, so do we. Age doesn’t change that.

The EMPOWER Codependency Recovery Program provides you with a community and is such a place. It can be your secure base.

It gives you the structure and stability you need to end your codependency and become more secure within yourself. 

We all need support and a community that can provide guidance when we feel overwhelmed, confused or lost. 

After all, today you’re still plagued with the same codependent self-doubt that has inhibited you, made you question yourself, flit from one decision to the next or simply stand still in life and wait because you don’t really know what you want or what to do next.  

As a member of the EMPOWER community, you will explore your experiences and issues in depth until you fully understand what is going on for you.  

You will receive emotional support, feedback, validation, reassurance and compassionate challenge to help you increase your self-awareness and learn to make better and healthier choices for yourself. 

This will help you to

understand what’s healthy and unhealthy in relationships and adjust your behaviours and expectations accordingly

know what you want and find healthy and effective ways to make it happen

become emotionally available and seek out those willing connect with you in healthy and respectful ways 

feel ok with how you feel, what you want and don’t want and express it with honesty and confidence 

create healthy relationships by valuing yourself, expressing yourself, and setting healthy boundaries 




Make Sense of Your Story

Begin to understand yourself better by making sense of your experiences and finding the root causes of your struggles in life so you can implement effective solutions and change for good.

How the Past Is Present

You will learn to identify how your present is impacted by what happened in your past and what you can do about it. We learn to focus on the present and make space for something new and healthy to emerge by letting go of what’s always been holding you back.

Improve Your Relationships

Let go of what doesn’t work, learn new and healthy ways of connecting and relating – free from judgment and shame – and finally experience true intimacy.

Get the Love You Need

It’s finally time to feel loved, safe, confident and happy within yourself and experience a love you never knew existed.

Have Amazing Experiences

Make room for fun, a social life and exciting adventures. There’s no more time to waste. The good bit starts now! 

You were not made to endure life. You were always meant to thrive in life and deep down you know it.

Please don’t wait another day.


Hi I’m Marlena

I’m a fully qualified psychotherapist, relationship coach and codependency expert.

I am so excited about you wanting to join the EMPOWER Codependency Recovery Program because it gives us an opportunity to interact and connect with each other.

I didn’t have any support or guidance when I worked through my problems with codependency and so spent a lot of time, cost and energy having to figure it out by myself.

I tried and trialed many different approaches and eventually found what really works. Since then it’s led to the most incredible transformations – not only my own but also those of hundreds of clients.

I now want you to have that experience too and so have created the EMPOWER program. It gives you direct access to the methods behind the magic while saving your tons of time, confusion and heartache.

You’ll get first and exclusive access to the newest developments, my most powerful insights, and the best activities to get you closer to your goals. You get to interact with me and follow my recovery routine so you can achieve incredible results in your own life.

Everything has a clear purpose and follows a logical structure that is embedded in a clinical framework. You can rest assured that you are receiving the most professional, effective and well-thought through support that exists.

It worked for me and now it will work for you.

Let’s do this together!

You have a life to live! Let’s finally make it a good one.

With Love

Marlena xx



“I actually like myself now after working with Marlena. And I guess that’s why I managed to get into a good relationship. No more push and pull. No more hot and cold. I know I couldn’t have done it without Marlena. Sometimes you just need a little help to get on the right track. I’m on it now and it feels out-of-this-world amazing!”

Beatrice, UK

“Marlena is the best couples counsellor we’ve ever seen. She helped both us loads. Our marriage was in a really bad place and neither one of us thought we’d recover but with Marlena’s help we did. She’s a miracle worker! I probably wouldn’t believe it if it hadn’t happen to me but it’s true. Can’t thank her enough!”

Lauren, UK

“My girlfriend and I both worked with Marlena together. We had video calls and completed exercise by ourselves. It was incredible how much we didn’t know about ourselves or each other! What we learned was a game changer. Our relationship improved more than we could have anticipated. I may even consider proposing soon (but shhhh!).”

Jake, US

The Benefits of Joining EMPOWER

It’s tough going it alone – especially with so much contradictory and unhelpful information out there. Good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! We’re here for you and will be making your return to healthy relating and living so much easier and more enjoyable.

Receive Emotional Support

Feel More Connected

Have a Sounding Board

Gain a New Perspective

Receive Compassionate Feedback

Practice Boundary Setting

Meet Like-Minded People

Practice Healthy Communication

Make Friends and Have Fun


It is natural to have more questions or to feel unsure about making decisions, especially when you struggle with codependency. For this reason, I have collected the most frequently asked questions we receive about the EMPOWER Codependency Recovery Program and included them here for you:

Who is the EMPOWER program for?

The EMPOWER Codependency Recovery Program is for everyone who is absolutely done with wasting precious time in unhealthy relationships, feeling horrible about themselves and oh so ready to end their suffering to have a new start in life and finally begin to feel safe and loved.

It does not matter exactly what happened in your past. What matters is that you are done with it and are ready to tackle your issues and find a new way of living.

It’s your attitude that matters.

What does the EMPOWER program include?

All content is designed to address and focus on the following 4 areas: codependency, attachment issues, relationship issues and lack of self-worth.

There are online activities, engaging reflection exercises within the community, eduational videos and Facebook lives.

You also get free access to the ‘Codependency, a New Understanding’ course of you pay in full when you join.

How do I gain access?

Once you have subscribed to the EMPOWER program, you will receive your login details. Work through the curriculum and join the Facebook community by providing your email address.

How will I receive my materials?

All materials will be posted in The Love with Clarity Academy, your membership area.

You will receive all details in your welcome pack which will be emailed to you to the email address you provided during checkout. Please check your spam folder if it doesn’t land in your inbox. 

What is expected of me?

For the EMPOWER program to be effective you need to join in, engage with it and do the work. The routine is straight forward and simple and works if you work it. It is designed to take up very little time so that you can fit it in around you.

You do not have follow any kind of doctrine – this is all about learning to follow your healthy instincts and intuition.

What if I can't keep up with all the content?

The EMPOWER program is designed in a way that gives you the minimum information for the maximum result. You can engage as much as you want to and if you need to skip something, you can catch up at a later stage without any problems. It will not interrupt your progress.

How much does the EMPOWER program cost?

The EMPOWER program currently costs $2500 a year and is subscription-based, which means that you get billed every year after your joining date.

This small fee is a fraction of the price you would pay for convential therapy that is not specifically tailored towards the needs of a codependent client.

It is perfect for those people who want to end their codependency and start living happier and healthier lives without the financial burden or time investment of one-to-one services at less than one hour per week for years.

What if I want to cancel?

The EMPOWER program is process- and solution-focused, which means that things will change and improve for you.

As this is a steady process, you need to commit to it, which is why this program supports you for a full year – or longer if you choose to stay!

Your membership lasts one year and cannot be cancelled during that year.

The reason this is the case is that I want you to achieve transformative and lasting results, which cannot happen if we try to rush this process.

This is about addressing the root causes – we do not plaster over the cracks.

What this requires is your commitment and time. The terms and conditions around the EMPOWER program are therefore in place to support you.

When is the weekly live Q&A?

The weekly Live Session with Marlena takes place every Tuesday at 7pm GMT.

Do I need to be in the Facebook group?

It is highly recommended that you engage with others in the group to benefit from the social interactions and support. 

Marlena also posts her videos there so it is essential you join to watch them. If you have any concerns regarding privacy, please contact Marlena to discuss this further. This is not something that needs to stop you from taking part.

How long before I feel better?

You can apply and practice all activities immediately, which is why progress will be visible quickly and result in you feeling better and more optimistic.

However, feeling better is a pleasant byproduct of this process and should not be seen as the end result.

Can I do this alongside my therapy?

YES! Therapy is a great way to get special and focused attention. The program will provide you with plenty of thought-provoking material to increase self-awareness, which you can take into therapy and explore in more depth there.

You can also work with Marlena. For more information click on ‘Work with Me’ in the menu bar.

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