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You know you’re READY to experience true intimacy, deep connection & real love in your life

It’s time to make that happen! 

Ever found yourself feeling like you’re doing everything you can to please your partner, but it’s just not working? 

Maybe you’re tired of sacrificing your pleasure for theirs? 

Maybe it feels like every time you try to talk it out, it ends up in angry shouting and tears, or worse – being ignored for days…  

The more you try, the more withdrawn your partner becomes and the more hopeless you become.


I know what it’s like to feel tired, exhausted and drained, on a rollercoaster of emotions, when all you really want is to just be loved for being you. 

You don’t want to always worry if you’re going to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing.

You don’t want to feel like your relationship is slipping through your fingers … and you shouldn’t have to.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just be loved for who you are … the real you?

Deep Emotional Connection

You’ve always wanted to have an amazing relationship where you truly get each other and feel so very deeply connected that you just know you are meant to be together.


A Supportive & Loving Partner

All your life you’ve been longing to be with someone loving, kind and caring who also supports and encourages you to do the things in life that make it fun, meaningful and enjoyable.

True Intimacy

At this point in your life you’re willing and ready to completely give yourself to someone else, to open up, to be seen and to create an intimacy most people can only dream of.

Being Loved Deeply

You’re ready to feel heard, safe, wanted, loved and adored and to let someone embrace all of you.


You’re Ready. Finally … True Intimacy. Deep Connection. Real Love.

YES!!! All of this is possible for you!


It’s possible even if you’ve never been in a happy or healthy relationship before. Seriously!

It’s time for you to move from unhappy, unhealthy and one-sided relationships into secure, loving, supportive and simply incredible relationships.

It’s time for you to drop the baggage, the shame and fear of being judged and rejected and swap it for being adored, appreciated, respected and loved.

It’s time to trade in the struggle of not liking yourself, lacking self-confidence and having self-doubt for feeling radiant, confident, fully connected to who you really are and totally satisfied with your inner being.

It’s time to trade in the numbness and avoiding your feelings for being an emotionally connected being that is able to process these emotions and express them without fear or shame but with unapologetic and unshakable confidence.

Being fully connected to yourself, you will have productive and meaningful conversations and build amazing relationships based on mutual trust, respect and love.

So if you are ready for true intimacy, deep connection & real love, then I have something incredible for you …

Introducing: Fully Connected

A 5 week LIVE course with participant interaction and community support especially designed for people who struggle with codependency and insecure attachment and who are ready to learn how to develop healthy self-esteem so they can finally create healthy relationships and get the love they need.

How Fully Connecting with Yourself Benefits You

Have a Loving and Close Relationship

You can finally have a healthy relationship with a partner who wants to support you and be there for you so that you finally feel loved and safe in a healthy relationship.

Know Exactly What You Want

You are clear on what you want and so without confusion, you now find it easy to express it appropriately and take steps to make it all happen for you.

Live Life Unapologetically

You no longer base your choices on avoiding conflict or pleasing others. Instead, you know your own mind, you know what’s right for you and you create a life that works for you – without explanation or justification.


Feel Your Feelings with Confidence

Anxiety, depression or anger will decrease because instead of avoiding and suppressing your feelings, you’ll learn how to feel them fully so they never have to build up again.

Meet Your Needs Guilt-Free

You now know  that taking care of yourself is your main responsibility and that it’s something you also do to benefit those around you.

Feel Supported & Have Energy

You feel taken care of because for the first time in your life you prioritise meeting your needs and so you feel full of energy to do the enjoyable things you’ve always wanted to do while still caring deeply for other people

These are just a few of the amazing changes you can expect to experience when you begin to live your life fully connected. You have always known that you are not meant to suffer and go without what you want and need in life.  And you were right! This is your chance to prove it to yourself and make it happen. Step into your potential and do what you know you’re ready to do!

Here’s How You’ll Get Fully Connected

These are the 5 modules in the Fully Connected course that will teach you simple, practical yet highly effective ways of connecting with yourself and in your relationships with others.

Feel Your Feelings without Fear or Overwhelm
  • Identify your feelings and know exactly how you feel so you can express yourself more easily and directly in the moment and set boundaries with ease
  • Understand, validate and soothe yourself so you feel more in control of yourself and develop a higher sense of competence and confidence
  • Deal with overwhelming feelings in a compassionate way that leaves you feeling taken care of
Embrace Your Human Needs without Guilt or Shame
  • Learn about human needs so you can make sense of why you behave the way you behave and struggle what you’re struggling with.
  • Practice accepting and meeting your needs without guilt or shame so that self-care becomes effortless  and something you actually look forward to.
  • Find out how to prioritise yourself and meet your needs in ways that are not only healthy for you but also highly beneficial to the people you care about and love.
Unleash Your Desires without Shame or Inhibition
  • Reconnect with your desires and allow yourself to be honest about what you really want without feeling bad about it
  • Let go of feeling embarrassed about what you want, inhibiting it, suppressing it or blocking it 
  • Strengthen your inner cheerleader to develop the part of you that believes in you, encourages you to say yes to opportunities and take action that makes you feel like you’re finally coming alive
Dissolve Your Connection Blocks with Clarity & Confidence
  • Break through denial and face yourself with courage and compassion so that you can stop running away from yourself or hiding yourself in relationships
  • Turn fear into excitement by realising that you can have what you want as long as you are willing to get fully connected and present in your life and finally take charge of it all
  • Unburden yourself from the limiting beliefs that have always held you back and made you feel inferior to others
  • End the pain and fear of abandonment by learning how to embrace yourself fully so that neediness will never be a problem again
Take Empowered Action to Build Up Self-Confidence
  • Learn how to trust yourself and increase your sense of self-confidence so that unfounded and insecure trust issues will become a thing of the past
  • Strengthen the secure part within you that compassionately parents you and supports you through your life so that you never feel alone and unsupported again
  • Banish the fear of getting in wrong or having regrets and instead lean into living your life with open arms and excitement for what you are making happen


I literally spent most of my adult life trying to figure out what went wrong – why, as a relatively smart and competent guy, was my life constantly falling apart? Why was I always losing the things which meant the most to me?

The short answer was: relationships. […] Of course – the most important relationship is the one with myself.

After years of trying to work it out, looking everywhere for answers, whilst all the time making the same mistakes, it took me hitting rock bottom – to finally accept that I needed help. I wasn’t going to find the answers on my own. […]

Marlena was the first person I have met (and I have worked with and learned from many many people) – who has successfully worked through the same issues that I was dealing with, had figured it out, and learned how to ‘teach’ the information in a way that is spot on for me. But most importantly, Marlena has acquired the experience and skills to work with people very effectively. […]

I discovered a whole new world – a world where my old thinking and choices and actions made complete sense. Where I learned where my behaviours came from, what caused them.

Most importantly, I found a person I could trust. I trusted Marlena’s information – about what is ok and what is not. About what is functional and what is not. What ought to be acceptable and what not. Where the problems really came from, as opposed to where they looked like they came from. I realised I didn’t know those things! It was like an epiphany. Everything started falling into place. And things changed quickly for me. […]

But the most important part for me – is that is was the help I was looking for. I simply can’t recommend it enough. It has been a life-changer for me – perhaps even a life-saver. Come and join me and the others on this journey – back to life, love, and happiness. The journey home, to your true self.

With love, Paul ❤️👍 x


(Find Paul’s review on the Love with Clarity Facebook page in the review section.)

Here’s what I need you to know …

What I am teaching you is not something super-complicated that requires you to have a PhD or train for years until you master it.

Everything contained in this course is what you innately know how to do. It is what you naturally did when you were little BEFORE the grown ups in your life taught you that being connected to yourself was somehow wrong or they made it unsafe.

Being happy in relationships is only possible when you are fully connected to your feelings, needs and desires. Only then can you give yourself fully to another person and connect in ways you have only ever been able to dream about previously.

You already have everything you need inside of you! All I am here for is to show you how it all works together and how you can use it to your advantage.

I will help you remove the fear and shame and allow you to feel comfortable and confident in understanding your feelings and expressing your wants and needs. And yes! That is totally possible for you!

You were not born to be miserable and give yourself to people who do not understand and appreciate you. You aren’t meant to suffer and go without what you want and need while giving everything you have to others.

You know that this has to stop now. And so you’re ready to learn what it takes to be healthy and happy in your life and your relationships in order to finally get the love you need.

And believe it or not, the truth is that it is simpler than you can imagine. We are going back to basics and we are applying common sense to everything we know about what makes humans thrive in their lives.

Because it’s not too late and you do deserve to feel safe, loved and happy.

Your time is now.


With Love, Marlena

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The Connection Blocks You’ll Release

I’m making it easier for you to adopt the new by smashing through the old.


Locked in Denial

Break through denial and become aware of how you feel, what you want and need. Let go of your ‘I-don’t-know’s.


Bound by Inhibition

Let go of inhibition and let the struggle to say what you want or express how you feel be a thing of the past. Fear be gone!


Tormented by Shame

Dissolve the toxic shame that was never yours to begin with by realising that what you want and need is natural and healthy.


Abandoned by Yourself

Step out of the habit of abandoning yourself and learn what it means to be there for you so you can get the love you need!


“I went through my whole life by myself even though I have always been in relationships. I chose very badly for myself but no matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to end up with yet another horrible man.

Even though I always knew that I should leave I felt that I just couldn’t – I felt too lost and empty. I really didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then I found Marlena through her articles. They spoke to me. Until then, I’d always feared it was just me and that I was crazy. I couldn’t believe I could be helped but she totally did it. Clearly a miracle worker 😉

I decided to leave my abusive relationship after 5 years of struggling and suffering and actually wanted to spend time by myself. I had never wanted that before! And it was magic!

Then I met a new guy and I didn’t have all the crazy stuff going on that happened every time I started a new relationship. I actually got to enjoy the honeymoon phase for once – I’m just so happy and grateful to Marlena. Working with her was a total game changer!

Leah, UK

The Cost of Not Fully Connecting

You’re used to going without what you want and need, I get it. The urgency might seem low to act now while the fear and inhibition of doing something good for yourself appears high. I know, I’ve been there. 

Let me help remind you what not being fully connected to yourself is actually costing you. It might help you to say YES! 


Unhealthy & Unhappy Relationships

You might feel bored and disconnected in your relationship or crave the love of someone emotionally unavailable, unhealthy or self-obsessed. Either way, you do not get the love and support you need.

No matter what you try or how much effort you put in, you just cannot get this to change. It’s like you’re trapped and you’re right! You’re trapped in a pattern of disconnection! And you can only change that by fully connecting to yourself first.

Low Self-Esteem & Weak Boundaries

It’s painful to go through life feeling bad about yourself and doubting how you feel and what you want or need. You keep looking towards others for the validation and reassurance you can’t give to yourself.

And so, you begin to depend on them for your sense of self-worth. This is a vulnerable position to be in that stops you from setting boundaries when you need to assert or stand up for yourself. Living this way, people will continue to use and disrespect you. 

Mental Health Issues & Emotional Distress

Ah, depression and anxiety – the only constants in your life with some irritability thrown in every now and then just enough to fuel the shame.

Seriously, being disconnected from yourself leads to the worst kind of emotional distress: it’s constant and always lingering in the background. It stops us from feeling all the pleasurable feelings but for some reason enhances all the horrible ones. Living life like that is just an awful and lonely experience. Don’t keep it going.  



A Life Lacking Purpose & Vitality

You’re going through the motions – day by day, year by year. What happens is anyone’s guess. It’s simply what others decide for you. You don’t really need to make any decisions because you life just seems to happen to you. 

But you’re tired and bored. Deep down you KNOW that you are meant for more. You KNOW that this isn’t it for you! But the fear keeps you trapped and so you waste another day, another year – feeling bored, alone and empty.

“I’d been struggling with depression all my life. I always felt like there was no life left in me. Finding myself in one abusive relationship after another didn’t help.

I felt I was going mad on the inside while trying to look perfect on the outside. I was so tired and so exhausted from just going through the motions and doing everything by myself.

I couldn’t go on like this and gave myself one last chance. I decided to work with Marlena even though I was worried about spending the money and committing my time BUT it was the BEST decision I ever made because my life has changed in such amazing ways!

No more deadbeat partners, no more hating on myself, no more boredom or feeling empty. I didn’t think it was possible but there you go … so glad I was wrong!

I even enjoy self-care these days when that is something I never felt I had time for or even wanted to do. I recommend working with Marlena to everyone. It is a truly transformational experience!”

Jamie, US

This Course Is PERFECT FOR YOU If …

You’ve tried many different ways of getting help to resolve your issues but none of them really worked or resulted in lasting change and you’ve lost confidence and hope.


You are ready to learn new ways of treating yourself, responding to yourself and investing in yourself. This is about learning to value yourself so that others will value you too. It has to start with you.

You are ambitious and willing to put in the work and do what it takes. Feeling uncomfortable every now and then is not going to stop you and you are determined to end your misery and give yourself a fresh start in love and life.

You can look at yourself, take personal responsibility and face some truths that may feel uncomfortable at first but will ultimately set you free.

You are not interested in plastering over the cracks. You want to address the core issues and root causes so you can be done with it once and for all.

You want to work with an expert who has personal experience and so truly understands the distress you’re experiencing without judging you or invalidating your feelings.

Professional expertise and competence is important to you and you want someone to support you who knows exactly how to end your suffering and teaches you what you need to know and do to get what you want. 

If you are willing and open to get really honest with yourself and do what it takes to improve your experience of life, then you will be successful in your relationships and in life.

But you have to say YES first. Give yourself what you need. Your time is NOW!



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NOTE: This course is ONLY suitable for people who are ready to do the work necessary to make substantial improvements in their relationships and lives.


This is an investment in yourself: your emotional wellbeing, your mental health, your relationships, your life satisfation, your family, your (future) children, your own future and your dreams. It’s time to end the misery and finally value yourself enough to get you the empowering and compassionate support you need.


Your time is NOW: this course is run within a safe and intimate community under the guidance of Marlena to increase your level of support. It therefore only runs when Marlena has time to actively engage. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!


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'Fundamentals of Emotional Connection' - The Course

Learn how to create an emotional connection with yourself and others so you can finally experience the intimacy you’ve always craved

Masterclass Training 'The 4 Stepping Stones to Living Life Fully Connected'

Learn and practice a simple yet highly effective process for responding to your feelings, wants and needs in healthy and life-enhancing ways.

Soothing Meditations by Marlena Tillhon

Use meditations specifically designed to help you soothe any anxiety and make it easy to feel, welcome and process your feelings.

The Instant Anxiety Kit by Marlena Tillhon

Find everything you need to know about anxiety and how to soothe it Marlena’s ‘Instant Anxiety Kit’. 

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