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If you are here, it means that you are done with unhealthy, one-sided and unloving relationships  and ready to liberate yourself from patterns and love blocks that keep you stuck so that you can attract a partner who respects you, cares about you and truly loves you and co-create relationships – new or old – that leave you feeling supported, valued, seen and loved.

  • YES to Deep Emotional Connection
  • YES to Feeling Secure & Confident
  • YES to Respect & Solid Boundaries
  • YES to Being Successful in Love
  • YES to Self-Empowerment & Confidence
  • YES to a Life of EPIC LOVE!!!


Marlena Tillhon Codependency Expert


amazing relationships that enhance your life, leave you feeling supported and help you achieve your goals

a feeling of inner safety and calmness that allows you to show up in your relationships confident and secure

powerful boundaries that help you co-create the passionate and intimate relationship you’ve always craved

a new beginning full of fun, laughter, playfulness, creativity and success in all areas of life

ultimate self-liberation, powerful self-expression and creating an absolutely epic life you love!!!



Let’s find out if codependency causes your relationship problems so you can eliminate it once and for all and open up to feeling happy, secure and relaxed in your relationship!


“Self-love, confidence and relationship success is not reserved for a special few. It is something we can all create and achieve … once we know how to.”

Transformative Courses

Learn what it takes to develop genuine self-esteem, represent yourself confidently, set healthy boundaries, get what you want and be healthy and happy in your relationships.


Join the Love with Clarity community to find the best and most effective ways to develop your secure self and a healthy relationship mindset break free from codependency once and for all.


Make sense of your experiences and struggles  so you can free yourself from them and learn to be happy and healthy in love and life by becoming your confident, calm and secure self.

“I went through my whole life by myself even though I have always been in relationships. I chose very badly for myself but no matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to end up with yet another horrible man.

Even though I always knew that I should leave I felt that I just couldn’t – I felt too lost and empty. I really didn’t know what to do with myself.

Then I found Marlena through her articles. They spoke to me. Until then, I’d always feared it was just me and that I was crazy.

I couldn’t believe I could be helped but she totally did it. Clearly a miracle worker 😉

I decided to leave my abusive relationship after 5 years of struggling and suffering and actually wanted to spend time by myself. I had never wanted that before! And it was magic!

Then I met a new guy and I didn’t have all the crazy stuff going on that happened every time I started a new relationship. I actually got to enjoy the honeymoon phase for once – I’m just so happy and grateful to Marlena. Working with her was a total game changer!

Leah, UK

Marlena Tillhon

Hi I’m Marlena

I’m a fully qualified and highly experienced psychotherapist, relationship coach and codependency expert.

I help people develop their inner security and self-esteem, become confident and develop healthy relationship skills so they can get the love they need – from themselves and from healthy others.

It doesn’t matter what happened to you in the past. It doesn’t matter what you are struggling with today. You can feel good about yourself and you can have the relationship you want.

I know these are big statements. But they can be your reality too – just like they are mine.

I understand your struggles. I know the pain, the loneliness, the hopelessness. I have been there and I get it. But it doesn’t have to end here. 

Let me tell you again: You can get the love you need.

I did it. Now let’s make it happen for you too.

With Love, Marlena

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“I actually like myself now after working with Marlena. And I guess that’s why I managed to get into a good relationship. No more push and pull. No more hot and cold. I know I couldn’t have done it without Marlena. Sometimes you just need a little help to get on the right track. I’m on it now and it feels out-of-this-world amazing!”

Beatrice, UK

“Marlena is the best couples counsellor we’ve ever seen. She helped us both loads. Our marriage was in a really bad place and neither one of us thought we’d recover but with Marlena’s help we did. She’s a miracle worker! I probably wouldn’t believe it if it hadn’t happen to me but it’s true. I can’t thank her enough!”

Lauren, UK

“My girlfriend and I both worked with Marlena together. We had video calls and completed exercise by ourselves. It was incredible how much we didn’t know about ourselves or each other! What we learned was a game changer. Our relationship improved more than we could have anticipated. I may even consider proposing soon (but shh!).”

Jake, US



Dissolve your codependency issues in an empowered, logical and compassionate way that will transform your (love) life in ways you never thought possible!

My super-successful DIY Recovery Roadmap is here for you so you can follow my exact process and get the same brilliant results.

Why wouldn’t you?


Tackle your relationship, self-esteem and codependency issues right now by investing in yourself and in your future so that you can benefit from finally having the amazing experiences you’ve always wanted to have.

Know exactly who you are and feel good about yourself

Stay true to yourself even when you're in a relationship

Take charge of your mind and finally feel in control

Get excited, make cool things happen and feel alive

Feel confident, empowered, attractive and desirable

Create healthy, intimate, safe and loving relationships

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