A Month of Clarity


1-1 package for 4 sessions

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A Month of Clarity

4 x 1-1 sessions helping you make sense of your struggles and gain clarity about what to do next
I'm Ready!

Feel supported, calm and reassured so you can take your next steps with clarity and confidence

Does This Describe You?


Are you in a painful or difficult relationship and just don’t know what to do?



Do you struggle to make sense of your problems and difficult experiences in relationships?



Do you question whether you should stay and fight on or finally leave but you just can’t make up your mind?



Do you want to make a decision but just don’t know what to do because you feel overwhelmed and confused?



Or do you have a pattern of failed relationships you want to break and you need to figure out what keeps it going?



If So, You Need CLARITY!

Let Me Explain …

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What Would It Be Like For You If …


you could just get all your problems off your chest, feel lighter, relieved and know you’re not alone in all of this?



you could finally identify the core issues without feeling overwhelmed and confused?



you truly understood what was going on for you so you could make your next decision with confidence?



you felt comfortable about what you want and didn’t need any excuses to go and get it?



you were in a safe and loving relationship instead of a fraught, unhappy and unhealthy one?



you finally felt back in charge of your own life again?


This Is Possible For You!

And I will show you how …

It’s horrible to be in a difficult or even painful relationship without knowing how to fix it or what to do next. I know because I’ve been there many times … but eventually I figured out how to work through it and I am now here to help you do the same. We will get to the root of it together! I’m here to support you.

                                        With Love, Marlena

What’s Included?

A Month of Clarity is a 1-1 service that lasts 1 month and includes the following:



1 Clinical Assessment Session to gain a comprehensive overview of what is going on for you so that we can find out what stops you from getting the love you need.



3 Private Sessions with Marlena lasting 50 minutes and taking place regularly every week so you can talk to someone who understands and knows what you’re up against.


4 Email Exchanges for in-between Session Support so you can keep me updated with what’s going on for you and stay on track with your transformational activities.


4 Transformational Activities that will help you identify why you struggle what you’re struggling with and understand yourself better so you can break the vicious cycle you’re stuck in.


1 Support Plan that will help you establish clear action steps for getting through difficult situations and dealing with painful feelings without getting overwhelmed by them


Access to the ‘Reconnect with Yourself’ Course: Learn the simple processs of reconnecting to yourself for better self-care, easier boundary-setting and increased emotional regulation

Benefits of a Month of Clarity

Supported by the Expert

You can dive straight in when working with me because I understand your struggles as if they were my own (because they were!).


Fast, Effective & Intense

You are done with wasting precious time and money on what does not work and instead look for a service that delivers what it promises.


Short & Sweet

You can experience working with me before committing to a longer package. Most clients choose to work with me long-term after seeing the results we achieve together.



Amazing Investment

The value your receive is incredible. You are investing in yourself, your future, your health and your sanity today but will benefit from this for the rest of your life.


But best of all, the agony is gone.

“I found Marlena through her articles. They spoke to me. Until then, I’d always feared it was just me and that I was crazy. I couldn’t believe I could be helped but she totally did it. Clearly a miracle worker 😉

I met a new guy and I didn’t have all the crazy stuff going on that happened every time I started a new relationship. I actually got to enjoy the honeymoon phase for once – I’m just so happy and grateful to Marlena. Working with her was a total game changer!

Leah, UK


You are ready to tackle your core issues so you can break free from your suffering and the pain of the past once and for all

You are ready to find out what’s really going on for you even if it’s difficult to hear so you can heal, grow and move on

You are willing to the work necessary to solve your problems and learn to create a life you love

You are driven to end your misery and suffering and learn how to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others

You can look at yourself, take personal responsibility and face some truths that may feel uncomfortable but will set you free

You are not interested in plastering over the cracks but want to know exactly why you’re struggling so you can fix it once and for all

You want someone competent to support you who will be honest, compassionate and understand yet challenge and motivate you

“I was struggling with depression and went from one abusive relationship to the next. I couldn’t go on like this and gave myself one last chance.

I decided to work with Marlena even though I was worried about spending the money and committing my time BUT it was the BEST decision I ever made because my life has changed in such amazing ways!

No more deadbeat partners, no more hating on myself, no more boredom or feeling empty. I didn’t think it was possible but there you go … so glad I was wrong! I recommend working with Marlena to everyone. It’s a truly transformational experience!

Jamie, US


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