Clinical Codependency Assessment



Take the official Clinical Codependency assessment developed by codependency and relationship expert Marlena Tillhon to discover the true cause of your struggles in relationships and with your mental health.

Codependency is an insidious condition. You are baffled by all the relationship and self-esteem issues you are facing. You try to fix the problems only to find that they get worse or different ones pop up. You begin to worry about your mental health and very quickly your life can feel overwhelming and difficult to bear.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you are unsure what is going on for you or you encounter serious problems in your relationships, then it is time to find out the true cause.

Your Clinical Codependency Assessment will be evaluate and conducted by codependency and relationship expert Marlena Tillhon. She has dedicated her life to helping people who are struggling in their relationships usually due to difficult childhood experiences finally find the love they need. This means addressing and resolving codependency issues effectively and practically.

Once you know what you are dealing with, you can make an informed decision on what to do next. Marlena will provide you with educated recommendations based on the outcome of your Clinical Codependency Assessment.

You will be sent the official Clinical Codependency Assessment designed by Marlena to complete and fill out. This then has to be sent to Marlena, who will assess it and schedule a 50 minute session with you via zoom. You will receive a report which will summarise and outline Marlena’s observations and recommendations on how you can proceed.

Knowing whether you struggle with codependency or not will allow you to choose the best way for you to free yourself from a condition that was passed on to you and that has stopped you from creating the life you really want. It is time to find out what’s really going for you! Let Marlena tell you!


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