Codependency Coaching Program – 3 months


Effective 3 month Codependency Coaching Program with codependency and relationship expert Marlena Tillhon

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Marlena’s most popular program is her 3 month Individual Coaching Program for Codependency and is designed to identify, address and resolve your codependency and relationship issues.

You will explore your problems with codependency in depth, identify any underlying causes so that you have a clear understanding of what is going on for you, and discuss a plan of action to begin the transformation you seek.

The 3 month Individual Coaching Program for Codependency aims to increase your self-awareness, teach you new relational skills and help you create the change in your life you wish to see.

Initially, you will be sent a client assessment pack to fill out and email to Marlena at least 48 hours before your scheduled session. This will allow her to prepare for your session together. It is beneficial to have completed a Codependency Assessment with Marlena first, however you may jump straight into tackling your codependency problems.

You then have a total of 6 sessions via Skype or zoom alternated with 6 email contacts to monitor and discuss your progress. Ideally, there will be two face-to-face sessions a month and 2 email contact in between. Regularity and commitment is essential to the effectiveness of this program.

Please note that each session lasts 50 minutes and needs to be scheduled with Marlena directly 2 weeks in advance. The Individual Coaching Program for Codependency program lasts 12 weeks and needs to be completed within that time frame.

Marlena’s availability is very limited and so there are only a limited number of spaces for clients at any one time.

Please contact Marlena at if you have any further questions about this package.

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