Take the FULLY CONNECTED Course + 3 online one-to-one sessions with Marlena to discuss your unique issues and apply the course content directly to your life. This is an incredible offer to get access to a attachment and codependency expert who specialises exactly in what you’re struggling with.

This option also grants you access to the special live group call in week 3.

FULLY CONNECTED is a transformational and empowering course that consists of 5 core modules focusing on the following:

  • Get in touch with your feelings, learn to feel them with confidence and understand what they’re trying to tell you
  • Find out what you want, get comfortable with that and learn how to go and get it
  • Understand what it takes for a human being to be healthy and happy in their relationships and lives
  • Dissolve blocks to connection by breaking through fear, shame and denial
  • Take empowered action that allows you to feel secure, in charge of your life and confident in yourself


These 5 core module are specifically designed to provide a solid and psychologically sound basis to address

  • codependency
  • attachment insecurity
  • unresolved trauma


This course contains everything you need to learn to build a solid foundation for ending your codependency and relationship struggles. It’s a summary of attachment-based and trauma-informed therapy lasting approximately 9 months that would cost you at least $7500 as it is still a very unique approach that traditional therapists and counsellors are not yet using.

Without these skills, you cannot bring about lasting change because you are missing the basic and are addressing presenting issues instead of the root cause.

This is how it all starts and this is how we recover what we have lost.


Entry Requirements

Your attitude is your most important asset and so for you to get the most out of this course you …

  • need to be ready to change proactively and leave behind the pains of the past
  • need to be willing to practice and put in the work necessary – simply reading and digesting information will not cut it
  • need to be open-minded and willing to find out what you’re getting wrong so that you can purposefully attack those issues
  • need to be brave enough to get truly honest with yourself and allow in the support you need
  • need to be completely ready to invest yourself and learn how too value yourself

That’s the commitment you need to make it work – AND you CAN do this because you’re not alone in it!

One-Time Opportunity: Community Support

This time, the FULLY CONNECTED course runs as a live program in a small, safe and private community of like-minded people who share your struggles.

In addition you get

  • transformational activities that increase self-awareness and enhance your transformation
  • 5 surprise trainings inside our little community depending on your comments and questions
  • the BONUS Reconnect training
  • the 4 Steps to Empowered Transformation Masterclass

AND a BONUS LIVE zoom call with me when you pay in full today.


You Can Do This!

This is an amazing opportunity to benefit from my knowledge, expertise and professional experience. I did this myself before I trained as a therapists and so know that it is something anyone can do if they are willing to out in the effort and work.

My professional training helped me to simplify it and put it into a clinical framework that is based in empowered and transformative change.

And so, you get the best of both worlds that you can apply directly and practically to your life.

By purchasing, you are making a commitment to yourself and to me to end your relationship struggles and codependency.

This purchase is a final purchase. Please read the terms & conditions.


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