The Clarity Cure



Join Marlena’s Clarity Cure: a life-transforming 10 week long experience to help you make sense of your emotional distress and relationship struggles.

Discover all the ways in which your conditioning and past trauma keep you stuck in self-defeating cycles of thought, feeling and action or inaction.

Gain a new understanding in the following:

  • your attachment style and how it impacts your relationship dynamics
  • your strongest thought traps that negatively influence your relationships
  • your relationship patterns – past & present
  • your codependent conditioning & its lies of the mind
  • your most prevalent love blocks
  • why you struggle what you struggle with
  • what you really want and why it’s so hard for you to get it
  • what really stops you from getting the love you need


The Clarity Cure comes to you at a special price of $1450 (usual rate $1950) and includes

  • 1 assessment session
  • 5x 1-1 sessions
  • 5x email sessions
  • Complete case conceptualisation
  • 5 Transformational Activities
  • Individualised Support Plan


BONUS Access to Marlena’s Codependency Course!

You will also get a FREE follow-up session 4 weeks after finishing your Clarity Cure experience if you PAY IN FULL today.

This is an incredible opportunity to work with Marlena who has found unique ways of making sense of your relationship struggles in a logical and easy to understand way that helps you to find solutions to problems that have been plaguing you for years. She has personal experience and all the professional expertise and competence to back it up.

This service is subject to availability.


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