The CONNECT Experience – 6 months


Effective 6 month Codependency Coaching Program with codependency and relationship expert Marlena Tillhon

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Marlena’s most popular program is her CONNECT Experience, a 6 month long psychotherapeutic and psycho-educational coaching program designed for people who are utterly done with everything that makes them suffer such as codependency and unresolved attachment trauma and ready to finally feel good about themselves, create healthy relationships and get the love they need.


The 6 month package includes

  • 1 assessment session
  • 20 1-1 sessions lasting 50 minutes each
  • 20 in-between session email exchanges
  • 20 transformational assignments
  • Access to Marlena’s Codependency course
  • Community support in the Love with Clarity community


So if you are DONE with suffering in your relationships, feeling unloved, alone and empty, and struggling to feel good about yourself, then this is the program for you. You need to be committed to solving your problems, end your pain and willing to do what it takes so you can finally feel free, safe and loved.

During our time together we will explore your problems with codependency in depth, identify any underlying causes so that you have a clear understanding of what is going on for you, and put a plan of action together so you can begin the transformation you seek.


During the CONNECT Experience you will

  • increase your self-awareness so you begin to understand yourself, your struggles and your past fully and make healthy decisions for yourself
  • learn new relational skills so that you can finally spot people that can and want to co-create a loving and healthy relationship  with you and then practice what you learn to break old, unhealthy relationship patterns and dynamics
  • reconnect with your authentic self which means that you’ll know how you feel, what you want or need and express yourself with calm confidence and honesty


Initially, you will be sent a client assessment pack to fill out and email to Marlena at least 48 hours before your scheduled session. This will allow her to prepare for your assessment session together.

Sessions will be weekly and pre-scheduled at regular intervals. Regularity and commitment is essential to the effectiveness of this program. Each session lasts 50 minutes and needs to begin and end on time.

The CONNECT Experience lasts 6 months and needs to be completed within that time frame.

Marlena’s availability is very limited and so there are only a limited number of spaces for clients at any one time. Currently there are 2 spaces left.

Please contact Marlena at if you have any further questions about this package.

All prices quoted are accurate at this time.


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